Thursday, April 15, 2010

Great Software Tools/Graphics Toolbox Review

If you are a scrapbooker or blogger, you will love Graphics Toolbox! Graphics Toolbox gives you the ability to take yourself (on a bad hair day!) out of the photo but leave in your cute little child. Or what about that family picture you took when your sister was sick, and she is the only family member missing? No problem! You can simply choose another photo of her (and you get to choose if she looks good or bad in it!!) and add her to the family picture.

If you are in business and ever need to make flyers, posters, or brochures, you will love Graphics Toolbox! You can create all sorts of brochures and flyers to advertise your product. You can even match the colors that are currently in use on your website so that everything matches and works together.

If you are a mom who sometimes wants to make birthday invitations or pretty notepaper or cute cards, you will love Graphics Toolbox. You can make personalized birthday invitations, Christmas cards, or even create a pretty background page to use for a family letter or poem or note.

If you are a student who would like to be able to make diagrams or posters, funny or mixed-up photos of your friends, other visual aids for classes, or even illustrations to go with book reports or term papers, you will love Graphics Toolbox. Since you can use images from the internet with Graphics Toolbox, there are endless possible subjects available to you.

The photograph at the top of this post is the very first "project" that I made using Graphics Toolbox. Look at the two photos below and see if you can find the changes that I made to the one above.

In case you don't like to guess, I'll tell you what I did. First, I took out the date that was stamped on the picture. I accidentally set the date on the camera as 2009 when the picture was actually taken in 2010, so I wanted to remove that from my final picture. Another change was removing the three snowmen from the outdoor picture and putting them inside the house with Mary Grace. I also gave the "daddy" snowman a nice blue hat and matching blue scarf, the "mommy" snowman a pink scarf and hat, and the "baby" snowman a lovely lime green hat and scarf. Altering the picture was so much fun!

Once I finished the picture, I realized it looked a little bit plain at the top since most of that part of the picture is white. For that reason, I went back later and added a colorful border and ribbons around the outside edges of the photograph to make it prettier. Also, if I had wanted to, I could have added text either somewhere on the picture or above, below, or beside it.

If you want to see examples of some of the other kinds of projects that can be done with Graphics Toolbox, you can take a look at the Graphics Toolbox website. You can also see some projects and reviews by other Crew members at this link.

I know that I have only mentioned a few things that this program can help you do so I will also say that, if you are interested in this product, you really should take a look at some free online training sessions. These training sessions will walk you through the process of creating some of your own projects. They will also show you some more kinds of projects you can create. Paid one-on-one training is also available, but I think you can probably learn what you need to know from the free online training. There is a printable instruction manual as well, so if you are the kind of person who prefers to have a hard copy of the instructions in front of you, that's no problem!

A license for this program costs $149.00. You do have the opportunity, though, to try it out free for 30 days before you decide to buy a license. If I had not received a free license for Graphics Toolbox, I probably would have considered it too expensive to buy. After using the free 30 day trial, though, I think I would have tried my best to get the money together to buy a license!

If you decide to try the free 30 day trial, be sure to watch the online training sessions. The training sessions will save you many hours of trial and error! Since this program is so different from what most of us have used before, the training sessions are, in my opinion, a must.


NOTE: I received a free license for Graphics Toolbox in order to use the program and write this review. I did not receive any other compensation for writing the review. The opinions contained here are my own.


  1. very cute pic! Who knew snowmen could be so happy to be indoors! LOL

  2. Ha! I never thought about it that way. :) I'm glad you like the picture. Thanks for your comment!