Saturday, April 3, 2010

Slowing Down

Are the rest of you as bad as I am at slowing down and resting or relaxing?  I find it so hard to allow myself some time to just sit and read a book or to go outside and enjoy the weather.  I'm not sure how I came up with my  "anti-relaxation policy," but I sure wish I could get rid of it!  

I think one reason I don't let myself slow down is that there is always so much to be done!  All moms know that there is always cooking, cleaning, laundry, dusting, and so much more to be done at any given time.  Since we homeschool, there is also always school work to be done as well.  I think it is impossible to do enough housework to feel like everything that needs to be done has been done, don't you?  I don't think I've ever gotten to the point where I just looked around and thought, "My goodness!  I can't find one single thing that needs to be done in this house!"  The thought of it makes me laugh! 

Another thing that makes me pass up opportunities to relax is that I feel guilty if I do it!  Because there is always more to be done, I feel like it's wrong of me to relax or take a break instead of keeping on working.  I also think of my husband who is at work all day without the opportunity to stop and take a break if he wants or needs one.  I tell myself that, if I had a work-outside-the-house job I wouldn't be able to take a break whenever I wanted to.  So I just keep on working.

One more reason that I have lately noticed is that, if I do take a break (or attempt to take one), my children all think, "Hey, Mom isn't busy right now!  Maybe she can do _____ for me!"  They are not used to seeing me just stop and sit down for a rest.  If I do so, they are just sure that I can do some project or activity or something else that they want me to do. 

I'm actually not sure that I am doing the right thing by setting such an example for my children.  Even Jesus rested, and here I am teaching my children by example that resting is "wrong."  I don't want to teach my children to be lazy or that working is a bad thing.  I do want them to see that it is sometimes ok to slow down and just enjoy being quiet and still for a little while, though. 

Do you teach your children to take a break too?  Are your children allowed to "interrupt" your resting time, or not?  I would love to hear your ideas for getting a little bit of rest or relaxation when you need it!

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