Monday, May 3, 2010

Rose Garden

We moved into our house almost 2 1/2 years ago, but we haven't yet really done anything with the yard.  It is so expensive to build a house and then to buy all of the little things that you never think about until you need them that we just haven't had the money to spend on the yard yet.  Well, when spring began to arrive, my 7-year-old daughter, Mary Grace, decided it was time to create a rose garden.  Once she got the idea in her head, it became very important to her that we follow through on it.  She's right anyway--it is time to begin working a little bit on making the yard more attractive. 

We spent the better part of a weekend searching for rose bushes and bird feeders and shepherd's hooks and bird seed.  Then we worked many hours to clear out the area that we were going to turn into our rose garden.  It was hard work, but the results so far have been worth it!

We planted two rose bushes that beautiful bright pink roses on them.  We planted two more that having gorgeous dark red blooms.  We also planted two hibiscus plants that have dark peachy-looking blooms.  Then we placed three shephers hook and a little windmill (which we "borrowed" from my father-in-law and never returned!!) among all of the plants.  One shepherd's hook holds a cute little bird house.  Another holds a hummingbird feeder.  The third one holds two different kinds of bird feeders.

For the last several weeks, I have so enjoyed getting up in the morning and watching two little hummingbirds chase each other and vie for the position of "owner" of the hummingbird feeder!  One of them has a little white ring of feathers around his neck and the other doesn't, so I can even tell them apart.  The one without the ring will even visit and feed while I'm out watering the plants.  I have also been watching a beautiful pair of cardinals who stop by often to eat the birdseed we put out for them.  There are also a few little tiny birds that I can't identify who stop by for a snack occasionally as well. 

Here you can see Mary Grace and her daddy in their sun hats getting ready to begin working.  In the picture below, they are getting started on the work.   Below that, you can see the bird house and some of our rose blooms and hibiscus blooms. 

We still haven't quite gotten everything finished, so I don't have a "finished" picture to post yet.  I hope to do the last bit of mulching and weeding within the next couple of weeks or so before it gets so hot here, though, and hopefully I can post a "finished" picture then.  I hope wherever you live that you are enjoying some nice springtime weather or will be very soon! 

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