Friday, September 24, 2010

Schleich Review

Ever since my children were age 1 or maybe age 2, they have loved to play with little animal figures, action figures, and those sorts of toys.  My son, now age 13, used to have lots and lots of small animal figures like bugs, zoo animals, safari animals, and so on.  He played with them until he either tore them up (which, being a boy, he often did) or just outgrew them.  My younger daugher, now age 7, inherited a few of them that managed to make it through her brother's younger childhood days!  Noah liked to play with the toys outside in the dirt, and Mary Grace prefers to play with them in her doll houses or the bath tub.  (Ah...the differences between boys and girls!)

Several weeks ago, I received a package of little animal figurines from Schleich.   In the package I found a piglet, an elephant calf, two horses, an okapi, a "mommy" and "baby" gnu, a donkey, and a zebra.  Each one was individually wrapped and had a little tag around its leg.  Those tiny tags around their legs were mighty hard to get off a few of the animals, but I managed.  Also in the package was a little booklet showing many other animals and other kinds of figures that Schleich offers. 

I could immediately tell that these are high-quality toys!  Many      
little toy animals are very light-weight and can be easily broken
or the paint scrapes off easily and the toys don't look so nice any
more.  That is certainly not the case with these toys!  I could tell
 from the weight of them that they are well-made and very sturdy. 
These are the kinds of toys that will last through many children
and through years and years of hard play. 

I was also very impressed with the accuracy of the animals.  They don't look like little toys at all--they look like tiny "real-life" animals!  Many times I bought little animal figures for my son when he was small, and when we got them home and opened them up, they really didn't look much like the animals they were supposed to be at all.  These are beautiful, life-like animals. 

I was afraid my daughter might be unhappy with the animals she received because, at age 7, she is "into" playing with dolls, little doll figurines, Littlest Pet Shop toys, and Calico Critters.  I was very happy to see, though, that she loved them!  I wasn't sure how a girl would play with such toys, so I was very interested in seeing what she did with them.

At first, she put them in a little basket and carried them around, talked to them, played with them in the bath tub, drew pictures of them, and just sort of generally kept them in the area wherever she was.  Then, a few days later, she added them to her dollhouse.  It was really cute watching her play with those animals right along with her dolls in that doll house!  I suppose they must have been some lucky little doll's exotic pet collection or something.  :)  I was pleased to see that she was creative enough to find various ways to play with them even though normally I might not have chosen these particular toys for her.

After she had had the animal figures for a couple of weeks and had played with them quite a few times, I asked her how she liked them.  I wanted to be sure the "new" had worn off a little so that her opinion would be honest and not just words said because it's fun to get something new.  She looked at me with a big smile on her face and said, "Oh, Mommy!  The only way they could be any better is if they came with dress-up clothes!"  Spoken like a true girl!  :) 

I am very happy with Schleich and the high-quality toys they offer.  They offer several different "categories" of figures.  They offer farm life, wild life, dinosaurs, the world of knights, the world of American Indians, Smurfs, and a fantasy line called Bayala.  The toys are a bit more expensive than what I normally buy on a regular basis, but for the quality, I think they are wonderful toys if you can possibly afford to buy them.  The prices range from a few dollars each for some smaller items to around $12 or $15 for a knight on a horse, for example.  There are also, of course, some really large items like castles or other large pieces that may cost over $100.  It is not necessary to purchase those larger items, though, for your kids to have a wonderful time playing with the smaller ones like the animals. 

To buy Schleich toys, you can either order online or use their store locator to find a store close to you that sells them. 

If you want to know how the other Crew members' families liked their Schleich toys, check this link.
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NOTE:  I received these toys in exchange for writing this review.  I received no other compensation.  The opinions expressed in this review are my own.


  1. It's so funny to see how different girls can be. Love the comment about the dress-up clothes.

    My daughter was out there in the dirt and mud with her friend from next door playing with their Schleich animals. lol!

    Of course, they are just as likely to be found sitting on the trampoline playing with their American Girl dolls. ;)

  2. Yes, Heather, it is funny how different girls can be! Mary Grace is either a very "girly girl" or just the opposite depending on the situation. It really is amusing to notice how differently she plays with toys than her brother used to when he was her age. She likes American Girl dolls, too, just like your daughter, but I sure hope she doesn't ever decide to play with THEM in the mud!!

    Thanks for the comment. :)

  3. I was amazed at some of the things my boys did with them... They definitely enjoyed them thoroughly, and they are amazingly durable. =)

  4. Yes, they are the best quality, most durable little figures that my kids have ever played with! Thanks for leaving me a comment. :)