Friday, November 19, 2010

KB Teachers Review

KBTeachers (originally called is a website which seeks to provide parents and teachers with the latest teaching tools and materials. Some of the things you will find on this site are worksheet generators, graphics and clipart, online and offline activities, printable worksheets in various subjects, answer keys, coloring pages, and handwriting practice sheets.

I have tried out several websites for the TOS Homeschool Crew and for my own personal use.  One thing that I particularly like about KBTeachers is that it, unlike many other educational websites, has information aimed at older students as well as younger students.  When my children were all in lower elementary grades, it was easy to find resources and materials to use with them, but now that they are in middle school, it's gotten much harder.  I love that this website helps meet the needs of teachers and homeschooling parents who have middle school and high school students!

KBTeachers offers seasonal activities and holiday activities and worksheets too. One particular place that seasonal activities can be found is in the monthly “Webquests” section. In Webquests each month, you will find a calendar page for that month with lots of activities and links for certain days. For example, did you know that October 1st was Homemade Cookies Day? I didn’t either! For that day, KBTeachers provides a short information sheet about the history of cookies and baking. Then several links to relevant websites are included in order to give teachers easy access to additional information for further study and more fun!

There are English Language activities, cursive writing sheets, grammar and writing sheets and information, many kinds of math worksheets and activities for various ages and grade levels, science and biology resources, and more! Many of the worksheets are offered in color OR black and white too.  I like to do the activites in color if I can, but with my older children in particular, sometimes it's nice to have the option of printing things out in black and white too.  Occasionally my younger daughter wants to color her own worksheets, so she's glad I have that option at times.

I also like that KBTeachers will try to provide resources that aren't currently on their website if you have a need for something in particular.  There is so much already offered on their website that you probably won't need anything else.  If you do, though, I think it's great that they are willing to try to add it just for you!  They are constantly updating and adding new materials for each season and holiday, so you may find that what you need is there when you need it.

KBTeachers offers a free trial if you want to try them out to see if this website might be helpful (or just plain fun!) for you and your children.  Subscriptions cost $29 for one year and $49 for two years. 

Click on this link to see how the Crew members liked KBTeachers and how they use it in their homeschools.

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NOTE:  I received a free trial subscription to KBTeachers for the purpose of writing this review.  I did not receive any other compensation.  The opinions expressed in this post are my own.


  1. Hi Wendy! Great job on your review.

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