Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lost Island Smugglers

Lost Island Smugglers by Max Elliot Anderson

This book seems like it would be appropriate for middle to upper elementary school ages.  The truth is though, that I love to read children's books even as an adult, so it could be enjoyed by older kids, teens, or adults as well.  Sometimes it is difficult to find good books for my son to read, so I'm happy to say that this book would definitely appeal to boys as well as girls.  Anyone who likes a story full of adventure and excitement would find it enjoyable. 
As a mom, I liked the author’s emphasis on friendship and family. I thought the author did readers a good service by showing that kids with good family lives should be thankful for it rather than embarrassed by it. I also felt that the author included mention of the main character’s faith in God in a way that was real and didn’t seem imposed into the story in an out-of-place fashion.

I admit that as an adult I probably didn’t find the story as exciting or adventurous as a younger person is likely to, but it is still a good book with a real plot and with some thought-provoking ideas. I asked my nephew, a sixth grader, to read it and he enjoyed it very much. When asked if he would be interested in reading more books in this series and/or by this author, he answered that he would definitely like to. He is an avid reader, like myself, and his endorsement, in my mind, is enough to suggest that most readers his age would enjoy this book.

There were some qualities in the supporting characters which I didn’t particularly like, but in thinking this over, I realized that there are less-than-admirable qualities in those we will meet all of our lives. We can’t pretend those things don’t exist, but we can learn from them. As much as we might like to hide out and escape negative influences, this can’t always happen, so I accepted the characters and discussed those qualities with my nephew. I found that he had more feelings on the topic than I anticipated and we both learned something from the conversation.

There are many books that I feel a child should read, many more that I feel a child should never read, and there are books like this one, which I feel are perfectly acceptable entertainment. I enjoyed this book and can definitely recommend it to other families as a fun book! 

This book is the first in The Sam Cooper Adventure Series.  The author, Max Elliot Anderson, has a website  as well as a Books for Boys Blog that you might like to visit for more information.  You might find it interesting to know that Mr. Anderson was a reluctant reader as a child, so his books are written from the perspective of someone who knows from experience that boys (and girls too) need appealing books to read so that they can develop a love of reading.  My nephew, who read this book as well, and my son are both "readers," but I know that that is not the case for many boys.  If you have a reluctant reader in your family, you just might want to give this series a try! 
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Note:  I received this book for free in exchange for posting this review.  The opinions in this review are my own honest opinions. 

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  1. I would be interested in knowing your list of books that should be read as well as those which should remain unread.

    "There are many books that I feel a child should read, many more that I feel a child should never read, and there are books like this one, which I feel are perfectly acceptable entertainment."