Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Math Facts Now Review


I remember teaching my now 13-year-old his multiplication facts.  It was so tedious and time-consuming!!  (Not to mention boring for both of us!)  Now, it's time for my 8-year-old to learn her math facts.  I've put it off because I just couldn't stand the thought of going through those boring flashcard drills.  She's not really a "math person" anyway, so I knew I'd have to deal with her less-than-enthusiastic attitude about it too. 

Then I was asked to review a program called Math Facts Now.  It's designed to simply help students learn and practice their math facts.  And guess what?!  If my 8-year-old uses Math Facts Now to learn her math facts, then I don't have to do them with her!!  Woohoo!!  And even though I mentioned that she isn't a "math person," she actually seems to enjoy (well, as much as possible) practicing her facts using this program.  Ok, well, she enjoys it way more than she was enjoying using the flashcards and being drilled by me.  She will actually do her practice without fussing about it and looks like she's at least having a pleasant experience as she practices.  That's definitely better than the response I was getting!

This practice program can be either instantly downloaded or ordered on CD-ROM.  My sister ordered the CD to use with her kids since she doesn't have a very good internet connection where she lives.  I got the instant download since I do.  Either way the program works the same way, though. 

The program is designed for students from kindergarten through about 6th grade.  It can certainly be used by any age student, though, if he or she needs to learn any math facts:  addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. 

The parent has lots of control over exactly how this program is used.  He or she can choose which functions and even which specific numbers for the child to learn.   The parent can also choose how many problems each student must answer correctly during a session and how much time the student will be given to answer each question.  (I particularly like this because my daughter has learned how to quickly count up the answers to her multiplication tables.  I like to set it so that she must type in her answer almost immediately so she won't have time to count up, and that way I know that she really does know the answer from memory.) 

Parents can also decide how many times missed problems must be correctly re-answered during each session.  They can choose rewards for completed lessons (IF they want to do this.  It's not necessary.).  They can create lessons and even save or reuse them again.  Finally, parents can keep track of each child's progress and mastery by reviewing progress reports for each child. 

You can take a look at the Math Facts Now website and even get a free trial if you're interested in trying it out.  If you decide to buy, you can buy the instant download for $15.95 or the CD-ROM for $15.95 plus $3.95 S&H.  I usually try not to comment on the prices of the items I review for the Crew since a certain amount might be a lot of money to one family and not much at all to another.  In this case, though, I have to say that I think the price is very reasonable!  Most students will needs months and months (or perhaps even years) to learn all of their math facts and maintain what they've learned, and $15.95 seems completely worth it to me!  If you have a student who needs to learn his or her math facts, I hope you'll take a look at Math Facts Now. 

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NOTE:  I received Math Facts Now for free in exchange for writing this review.  The opinions expressed in this review are my own.  I did not receive any other compensation.

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