Sunday, February 20, 2011

Times Alive!

Have you heard of City Creek Press?  The TOS Homeschool Crew got to use and review their Times Alive multiplication CD ROM.  I didn't actually get to review the product myself, but I think we would have enjoyed using it!  (One of the Crew members who was going to review this product was sick and unable to post, so I'm doing an informational review to tell you about it.  Now if I could only sneak over to that Crew member's house and creep in to snag that CD!) 

This program sounds really fun!  It's a way for your children to learn and review their multiplication facts.  Did you teach your kids their multiplication facts the way I did--using flashcards and endless drills?  Not much fun, huh?  Well, for those of you who haven't yet taught multiplication facts or those who need review (whether you homeschool or your kids go to school somewhere), this looks like a great way to do it! 

Times Alive! is a supplementary math program.  There are CDs that are for use in schools, others for homeschoolers, and even some that are specifically good for use in special education classrooms.  They have CDs for teaching addition facts and others for teaching multiplication facts.  The way it works is this:  The CDs contain fun little stories with cartoon-looking numbers and songs telling about a particular math fact.  There are also interactive games and quizzes and worksheets to be done on the computer.  There are  progress reports and quiz scores.  To see more about any of these features, you can take a look here.  In fact, as I was looking at screen shots and demos on the website, my 8-year-old and her cousin were looking with me, and they loved the multiplication songs!  The first thing my daughter wanted to know is if I will buy the CD for her! 

The Times Alive! CD is $48.95.  Or you can buy the instant download for $44.95.  I think this might be a good program to consider particularly for folks who have music-loving and story-loving kids.  I suppose there are a few kids who just want to get the basic information and be done with it (like my son).  Most kids, though, like my daughter, would probably really like this fun, animated way to learn math facts.

If you want to read more opinions from other Crew members who used the Times Alive! CD, you can do that here.

Do you remember how you learned your multiplication tables? 

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