Friday, August 19, 2011

Having a Ball with Homeschool P.E.!

It's true!  I think we are going to have a great time with homeschool P.E. this year!  Do any of you other homeschooling families out there do physical education classes of some kind?  We've never really done any kind of structured P.E. class.  We have studied about health and nutrition, but that's about it.  It has gotten to a point, however, where I feel like my kids need more than that.

While my kids were younger, they were very active just playing outside and swimming and doing those kinds of things.  I felt like they were getting plenty of exercise just running around being kids.  Now I feel like it's time for something more, so we decided to take tennis lessons!

We had our first lesson this past Monday.  Noah (age 14), Mary Grace (age 8), and I along with another mom and her three kids all met at the tennis coach's house for our first lesson.  (The tennis coach has his own tennis court right beside his house.  Isn't that neat?)  The other kids that we met took tennis last year, but the other mom and my kids and I were brand new at it.  We moms made an agreement that each of us would be willing to take lessons if the other would.  :) 

Anyway, it turns out that we all love tennis!  I was totally surprised!  My husband and I had tried to play tennis together just for fun when we were first married and didn't have kids yet.   I don't remember it being an experience that I was good at, and I certainly don't remember thinking that it was much fun.  I was a little reluctant to give it another try (even though it's been 20 years since I've tried it!), but I figured it wouldn't hurt anything except perhaps my pride to give it another try. 

Our first lesson was promising!  Noah was better at it than Mary Grace and I were.  Mary Grace did a great job for her age and size, though.  She got a bit discouraged because, being the smallest and youngest one in the group, she felt like everyone else did better than she did.  If she will keep at it, I think she will improve quickly. 

Noah did very well for someone who has never played tennis before!  He was highly motivated because one of the other boys taking lessons with us is Noah's age and size and has taken tennis for a year already.  Nothing like a little competition to get a teenage boy fired up!  I did pretty well too, although I wasn't nearly as "spry" as the kids! 

We decided that the kids and I will take a lesson on Monday mornings along with the other homeschooling family.  Then my husband Scott will take a lesson with Noah on Thursday evenings while I take Mary Grace to ballet.  That way all of us (with the exception of Hannah) will be taking tennis lessons and will hopefully become good enough for the 4 of us to play sometimes.  This will allow Noah to take 2 tennis lessons a week while the rest of us get at least 1 lesson a week.  Mary Grace already takes ballet twice a week, so I feel like one tennis class a week is enough for her right now. 

So for the first time in........well..........ever we are all excited about P.E.!

Do your kids do any kind of P.E. class?  Do you do it with them?  I'd love to hear your stories and suggestions.  And I hope you enjoy what you're doing for P.E. as much as I think we will enjoy tennis!

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