Friday, November 25, 2011

Decorating's Done!

A Christmas tradition that my family and I keep is putting up and decorating the Christmas tree every year on the day after Thanksgiving.  I really don't remember when we started this tradition, but we've done it for years.  I'm sure we probably started it after the children were born because they like for the Christmas lights and decorations to be up as many days as possible. 

Our kitchen, dining area, and living room are all one big room, so the picture you see above on the left is the island in the kitchen.  We like to put something pretty in the middle of the island not only so we can enjoy seeing it but also because that motivates us to keep the island clean instead of letting it collect clutter!  On the right, of course, is our Christmas tree.  We have a pre-lit tree because my hubby hates stringing up Christmas lights!  It's much faster and easier than stringing lights too, so the kids don't get as impatient!  We used to have a real tree every year, and I'd like to do that again one day.  For now, though, the pre-lit tree seems to work best for us.

This morning we let everybody sleep a little bit late, and then we all (except Hannah) went up into the attic to drag down all of the boxes that we needed.  Scott and Mary Grace usually put up the tree while I clean off the entertainment center pictures and things.  Then Mary Grace and I put the ornaments on the tree.  The guys don't particularly like doing that part.  After the tree is all decorated and I've finished dusting the shelves of the entertainment center, Scott and I usually set out the decorations on the shelves.  Mary Grace is usually tired of helping by that time. 

I put a few other decorations here and there (like the reindeer and the teddy bear on the rocking chair), and I usually put out a Christmas throw pillow or two.  Some years Scott puts up red bows on the front porch columns, but I don't think he's going to do it this year.  We do put out a Mr. Snowman and Mrs. Snowman on either side of the front door too.  That's about it for us.  We don't decorate the entire house.  To be honest, I'd love to have Christmas decorations everywhere, but I'm just not motivated enough to take the time to put them all out and to take them all down after the season is over!  So I'm content with what we do. 

Mary Grace does like to have a pink Christmas tree in her room to match her pink and yellow room.  Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures of that later.  I told her that she has to clean her room before she can put up her little tree in there, so we'll see if it gets put up this year!  I hope so because she loves it so much.  Hopefully this weekend we can get in there and get it cleaned up a bit.  It will need to be cleaned up and cleaned out a bit before Christmas anyway, so we might as well get it done, right?

So how about your family?  Do you have a certain day that you put up your Christmas decorations each year?  Do you decorate the entire house, or do you keep it to the living room or other "main" rooms in your house?  Does the whole family like to get involved in decorating, or do you do it mostly by yourself?  I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. We decorated today as well. The kids really look forward to it.

    Have a great evening!

  2. You are a beautiful person and I am so proud to call you friend. You are an inspiration to me and I am so glad to I am able to learn from you always.

  3. The snowmen are so cute. Your house looks so festive. I like your idea of packing other things away to make room for Christmas decorations.