Friday, February 24, 2012

Do You Know Who You Are?

Have you or your children ever wondered who you really are and why God placed you here on earth at this particular time in history?  I suppose nearly everyone wonders about these things at one time or another.  Apologia Educational Ministries has a wonderful resource that can be helpful in answering questions like this one.  This resource is a book called Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here?  As a part of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's Homeschool Crew, I received a copy of the "textbook" as well as the notebooking journal, the book on MP3 CD, and even a coloring book to go along with the curriculum! 

Having used the first book in this series last year, I was really excited about using and reviewing this second book in the series as well.  (Although these books are part of a series, the individual books can easily be used on their own as well.)    My kids and I loved not only the book, but also the notebooking journal, CD, and coloring book!

My younger daughter, now age 9, loves notebooking journals.  She was thrilled to know that she would be able to use use the journal and the coloring books in particular.  I was thrilled to know that, since she was so excited about the additional resources, she would learn and remember so much more than if we simply went through the book together.  I absolutely believe the book is worth doing on its own, but the journal and coloring book really add to the experience in my opinion. 

Another thing I really enjoyed about the book is that it's set up so that the study can be done over a few months or over a much longer period of time--depending on how long you want to take to study it.  And if your child prefers to do the study more independently, she can use the MP3 CD, which reads the book out loud, so that she can feel more independent or can re-listen to the lessons as she wishes. 

The main purpose of this book is to explain that each of us is made with a purpose.  We are each created by God and given certain talents and strengths.  It also explains that we should love God and study His Word, and that our relationship with Him is the thing that will guide us as we live, make decisions, and so on throughout our lives. 

I absolutely recommend this book!  It sells for $39 and is a sturdy hardback book.  The notebooking journal is $24, the CD is $19, and the coloring book is $8.  The books are targeted toward students ages 6-14.  I think most students in the younger ages would need to have an adult either read the book aloud to them or would at least benefit from discussion after reading the book.  Older students could probably handle the study alone, but I like to go through these studies with my children even though my older children are 16 and 15. 

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NOTE:  I received these materials in exchange for this review giving my honest opinion of the book and additional products.  I did not receive any other compensation. 

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  1. Thank you for such a fantastic review! I am searching and researching homeschool curriculum for my daughter for this coming school year and your review was extremely helpful!