Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Treats from Hershey's!

I remember as a child going to my grandparents' house every Easter after church.  My cousins and our families all ate lunch together.  (I don't know how my grandmother fed so many of us!) After lunch, the grown ups went outside to hide eggs while we kids waited very impatiently inside.  Once the eggs were all hidden, we went outside to hunt them.  One of the most wonderful things about hunting eggs was the chocolate bunny that one of us would find!  Out of all of the grandchildren, just one of us would find the coveted chocolate bunny!  Usually the youngest grandchild would "happen" to find it.  Of course, we older cousins were happy to help her consume it!  

Now I have my own children to celebrate Easter with.  My children are now ages 16, 15, and 9, so they think they are "too old" to hunt eggs.  They are quite happy, though, to carry on the tradition of eating a chocolate bunny!  

This year when I attended the Blissdom conference, the Hershey's folks were there!  YUM!  I was so glad to see them!  The Blissdom attendees were given the opportunity to sign up to receive an Easter basket for our children.  There are soooo many more yummy treats to choose from than there were when I was a child.  Since I have 3 children, I decided to request treats that all 3 kids can share.  

One of my very favorite Easter treats is Cadbury Creme Eggs.  They are so absolutely wonderful!!  So of course I had to request the package of a dozen mini Cadbury Creme eggs.  (Ok, so maybe that treat was requested more for me than for the kids.  I promise to share......maybe!)  The next item I requested was package of Reese's Mini Reester Bunnies.  I had never heard of these before, but they look delicious!  One of my son's absolute favorite treats is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, so I know he'll love this one!  My 9-year-old loves Kit Kat bars, so I asked for a package of Mini Kit Kat bars especially for her.  I know she'll love them!  We will all enjoy the Cadbury Mini Eggs.  They are a favorite of all of us!  (These are the little eggs that are kind of like Whoppers.)  The final item I requested (We got to choose 5 items.) was Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans.  

When the basket arrived a few days ago, it was all we could do to keep from digging in right then!  We did open the basket and take a look at everything, but we managed to resist eating the candy.  

Since I wouldn't let the kids eat the candy that day, they got out the bubble wrap and the box that the basket arrived in and played with those!  You can see the photos below of Mary Grace playing with the bubble wrap.  Then the final picture is the cat, Hazel, enjoying the box!  

I just want to say, "Thank you so much!" to the Hershey's folks!  I pray that all of you have a blessed Easter with your families.  

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NOTE:  I was not asked to write this post.  I did so to show my thanks to the folks at Hershey's.  :)


  1. Wendy, your basket from the Hershey's folks makes me drool. I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!! That was so nice of them to send that to you. Enjoy!

    1. I love chocolate too!! Sorry I made you drool. ;) I don't figure I'll get to eat too much of it. The kiddos will probably have it wiped out in about 30 seconds!